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As a child my grandmother would refer to me as “Moj Mala” translating to my little one, a widely used term of affection within the Balkan Culture. Some of my best memories as a kid growing up in Sydney were spent riding in my local streets and parks exploring with my family & friends. 

The creation of Mymala Bikes came from a passion for kids health, wellbeing and their development of gross motor skills. We’ve combined this with our love for style and design while keeping true to a classic minimalist look.

We want our modern day kids to experience the fun that we were able to have without the daunting feeling of starting out on a traditional “Big Kids Bike”. The Mymala Balance Bike is a great solution for first time riders as it allows your child to learn at their own pace as they can focus on one skill at a time. This reduces your little ones' chance of injury and makes for a safer first bike option.


The Mymala experience will provide your little one with a sense of vibrant adventure, that will encourage them to be more active and reduce time spent on electronic devices. Our balance bikes are a great first introduction to learn how to ride safely. Unlike the typical “Big Kids bike” balance bikes are made without pedals therefore allowing your child to place their feet directly on the ground below. Gradually by using their feet the concept of balance and direction will come to your child intuitively, while they build strength and confidence as they enjoy their ride.