Why a Balance Bike?

It is not a rare sight to see a balance bike while you are out at your local park as they have now become the popular option for parents that are introducing their little ones to riding. Balance bikes will allow your child to learn how to ride more comfortably as they’re designed for the rider to be in more control. This approach will help them develop key riding skills to venture out and explore their surroundings with confidence, giving your child a sense of independent adventure.

black balance bike with white wall tyres
  • Confidence Building

    Learning to ride a bike is a fun milestone for kids

    The concept of balance and direction will come as a breeze while your little one builds strength & confidence. They will have all the essential skills they need before transitioning to their future “Big Kids Bike”.

  • Safety

    Tested to the highest standards + Certified AS/NZS ISO 8124

    The pedal-less design of a balance bike is created to have your child sitting closer to the ground to encourage the use of their feet for stability, direction and momentum. This also means additional injury is minimised for your child as falling distance to the ground is far shorter and there are no intrusive pedals to cause further injury.

  • Australian Owned

    High quality toddler balance bikes at an affordable price

    A classic minimalist design created from extremely durable & light weight materials, making them easy for your child to learn on and control. Available in 5 FUN colours our balance bikes are a stylish choice for your modern day kids.

  • Fun & Active

    Once mastered, bike riding is a skill that stays with your child for their lifetime

    Kids love bikes and adventure, whether it be a ride with family or a play date with friends your child is remaining active while having fun and burning off that never ending energy.

About Mymala

Aussie Owned | Same-day Dispatch

The creation of Mymala Bikes came from a passion for kids physical health, wellbeing and their development of gross motor skills. We’ve combined this with our love for style and design while keeping true to a classic minimalist look.